Strickland Associates Ongoing Support

The cornerstones of the PI program are the science behind the instrument, the technology to deliver the data, the education and knowledge to capitalize on it, and the ongoing consulting support of your PI Partner.



Since 1955, The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment has exhibited a proven track record for solving business challenges large and small. Designed to help you understand individuals and roles, the assessment is scientifically validated against populations large enough to be used for all jobs, in an array of industries across the globe. With nearly 500 criterion-related validity studies, the assessment has consistently supported the relationship of behavior to important workplace outcomes such as tenure, turnover, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Our assessments are developed in compliance with recognized psychological standards and guidelines. These guidelines provide a framework for test construction and the proper use of assessments. The Predictive Index provides well-researched, valid and reliable assessments which can help support clients’ legal compliance with the EEOC and the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.



The Predictive Index software platform allows your in-house administrators to collect behavioral and cognitive data during the application process, then deliver that insight to hiring managers and leaders throughout the organization.  The PI system provides a variety of detailed reports about jobs, individual candidates and employees, interview and coaching guides, personal development charts, and more.

Ideally, you’ll have a candidate’s assessment results on file by the time you’re reviewing their application materials and preparing for your first contact. To accomplish this, a static link to the PI assessment can be posted on the careers page of your website, in an online job ad, or emailed directly to someone. Additionally, an integration can be built between the PI software and virtually any applicant tracking or candidate management system.  Click here to view instructions for developers and here for a live list of our API’s.



Our unique approach to client education and knowledge transfer ensures swift adoption, direct ROI and measurable impact on your organization’s performance metrics.  PI workshops are held at regular intervals throughout the year or delivered in-house for your team.  Following this training, your PI Practitioners become skilled at interpreting and applying PI data for the organization. Attendees at PI workshops should include executives and managers responsible for business strategy and HR professionals who will serve as PI experts and advisors in the organization. In the workshops, they’ll be provided with experienced insight into PI interpretation and guidance on how to capitalize on the data for a variety of business applications.

PI Catalyst is our learning center that allows you to leverage the science, software, and management workshops of PI to achieve your business objectives and get the most out of PI metrics. Connect with and learn from fellow PI users, request help, give advice, and earn rewards as you maximize PI impact. You’ll learn best practices, become a subject matter expert, and supercharge your culture with PI as you access our knowledge base of help articles with answers to common concerns and questions.



Strickland Associates brings forty years of seasoned PI expertise to your organization. We’ll work closely with you to audit your processes to ensure you’re always getting the most out of the program. Are we collecting PI’s from every candidate? Do we have consistent paths for getting PI data to hiring managers? Are we capitalizing on all reporting options? Have we completed job assessments for every position? It’s our goal to support your efforts to create strong adoption of behavioral and cognitive data throughout the organization.

We’ll be there to provide strategic planning and implementation strategy as you initially engage the Predictive Index program and on an ongoing basis.  Nothing gets us quite as excited as helping organizations make decisions that truly “move the needle”. Learn more about the Stricklands.